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"Shielding You From Whatever May Come"

We could train you how to repel off a glacier using only a rope and a candy bar, or how to find water by using elephant dung, but most Americans spend little to no time in the wilderness. So we use the skills our instructors have picked up over decades of living and training everywhere from the wildernesses of Alaska to South Africa, to war-torn cities of Europe, to teach you how to survive where you live: in the urban wilderness.

Suburban Assured Survival is a company which specializes in emergency planning, emergency preparedness, and training for private citizens to enable you to remain safe and protect those around you. We cover many aspects of suburban survival, and we do it all to ensure that you are properly shielded from whatever may come, whether tomorrow or years from now. We offer a wide variety of options, from public courses to private assessments and advice. We are not a sales or retail company, so there's no push to sell you products that are often expensive and unnecessary.

What do you fear most? Home invasion? Identity theft? Natural disaster? Political unrest in the United States? Zombie apocalypse? We can tailor a plan to suit your personal needs and give you the training you must have to survive (almost) anything.

Our commitment to serving your needs shows in many ways, from coming to you at your convenience, to having professional instructors who are active in their chosen disciplines. Our goal is to provide you with superior service across a wide spectrum of skill-sets. Whether you are a prepper looking for some ideas on how to expand your preps, feel the time has come for a concealed carry permit, or realize your family should develop a crisis plan so everyone knows what to do in case of a fire or other evacuation, we're here to provide the knowledge and skills which will become your shield against the unexpected.

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