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Three Reasons Why Now Is The Time To Stock Up

As I was walking through the mall the other day, I was astounded by the number of stores offering BOGO (buy one get one) deals, steep discounts up to 50% off, or advertising “hidden” discounts. It got me thinking that the shopping season is good for more than just saving hundreds on a new suit - if you've been waiting to buy supplies, guns, or ammo, the time to do it is now. Here's three reasons why.

#1 The Prices – between rebates, holiday sales, and seasonal discounts, the prices haven't been this cheap in almost a decade on some items. Companies are trying to bolster their yearly profits at the last minute, or clear out current models by offering manufacturer rebates; you buy what you want from any store you want, fill out a rebate form (usually on the manufacturers website) and mail it in, then they send you a check in a few months. Some stores are offering seasonal discounts or trying to clear out current models to make room for new ones and these sales are fantastic. There are also plenty of holiday sales going on with coupons coming in circulars and other print and e-mail formats – a general 20% off store coupon to a sporting goods store may be able to give you a significant discount at the cash register. Some training organizations are also offering pretty substantial deals if you book right now for next year, so they can start organizing their calendars.

#2 The Shipping – We know that it's often cheaper to buy things online than in local brick-and-mortar stores. The one thing that usually makes me balk is the shipping charge. After all, saving 3 dollars per rifle magazine may seem tempting until you see they want you to pay an extra $12 in shipping and limit you to three of the specials. However, many websites which don't typically offer product discounts are offering discounted or free shipping for the Holiday season. This is is an especially great deal for heavier products, such as ammunition, or bulky items such as freeze-dried food. Sometimes these discounted shipping codes are sent via e-mail, other times they're found in a scrolling banner on a website's homepage, sometimes you have to find them via a third party website, and there are a couple sites which require you to purchase a membership by the month or year to qualify for the free shipping (like Amazon's Prime membership). But if you have had your eye on something that's ALMOST worth the purchase online and the shipping price has been holding your back, now may be the time to pull the trigger.

#3 The Uncertainty Principle – We know what the rules and laws are in 2017. We know what's available currently, and what the best price is. We have no idea what will be available in a matter of days when we roll over into 2018, or what new laws will be passed, or what the prices may be. We have no idea how much disposable income we may have, or how our budget may change. Or maybe we do know some of these variables, and the foreknowledge isn't comforting (such as with California's new ammo purchase restrictions). With knowledge, or lack thereof, of what may face us in 2018, you're running out of time to get what you need when it's available, you know the price, and you have the money to do it.

If you're looking to expand or begin your preparations, if you're looking for great deals on ammunition, firearms, or training, there really is no better time to do it than right now. Between rebates, sales, and facing an uncertain future, there is no better time to buy what you need than this very moment. Not tomorrow, not next week, not when you get around to it. RIGHT NOW. Seriously, stop reading and go make your purchases!

And if you do any shopping on Amazon, don't forget to get there through the SAS Amazon Store. It helps support our mission and doesn't cost you a penny!

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