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Memorial Day

This isn't announcing a sale, or a barbecue, or anything else that so many business have been blasting you with today. No, this post is for one simple reason - to state a fact.

All of us here at SAS remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for America, and we honor you. Whether in the Civil War, or on some unnamed hill, or in a rice paddy, or in the sands of the Middle East, we choose to remember you. We recognize that this is not a day to celebrate vets, or old men who have died in their beds after a full life, but those who died in conflict.

Moreover, we send our heartfelt gratitude and prayers to the family members the fallen have left behind. Only one who has been through it can understand your anguish, but we wish to remind you that there are those of us who choose to share in your loss and will do our best to remember you, as well.

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